What is The G.I.F.T.?

The GIFT started out as a garden that was built for an eco-conscious children’s school. When COVID hit, the school had many challenges that led to the school having to move. Randy Jewart of Resolution Gardens,  Chris Searles of Bio-Integrity, and Billy Tweedie of the Episcopalian church (that offered the garden space as a GIFT to the community) came together to begin caring for and nurturing the garden, bringing artists, musical guests, speakers and people from all backgrounds to develop a deeper relationship with nature through…

Growing food,  

Inspiring us to include & transcend our differences,

 Feeding others and 

Teaching others.  

So we are literally seeding a “gift economy” by grounding our efforts in food production, preparation and distribution with song, beauty and intention of spirit. The GIFT is a garden-roots effort to help connect our local North Austin community with local food and enrich our lives by growing food together we can share, by having a central place  to donate food scraps and by getting to know your local organizations that are doing some damn good stuff for the earth.