Mini Grant Submissions

Note: As folks begin to submit their proposals, their submissions will show up below!

Name of Project
Plant Installation for the G.I.F.T. Music Venue
Describe the project:
With the goal of beautifying the indoor stage area, I will provide approximately 30 plants and will work with members of The G.I.F.T. to complete the installation of these plants. I am designing hanging planter boxes, made from wood, that will operate on a pulley system to ensure ease of access for plant maintenance. The pulley access will be locked so that no accidents occur when the venue is occupied. Once installed, the plants will require reasonably low maintenance.
How does the project further the goals of Grow.Inspire.Feed.Teach?
This project helps further the goals of G.I.F.T. by Growing beautiful, health-fortifying plants that will create a welcoming space that Inspires performers and musicians to use the venue for their art. Plants Feed our need for green beauty and clean air, and music and the arts feed our souls. It is also an opportunity to Teach plant propagation and some basic building skills.