Mini Grant Submissions

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Name of Project
Finding Your Inner Voice with Songwriting
Describe the project:
A workshop which explores the meditative art of songwriting. Learning to listen to your inner voice and allowing it to come forward in song. Project includes discussion and practice of music, song, melody, rhythm and harmony in combination with healing practices such as mindfulness, awareness, consciousness and internal dialogue. Find out what is wanting to be said when you apply openness and internal exploration to the art of songwriting. The workshop is designed to be beneficial to students of all ages, skill levels and musical background. No instrument? No problem. We'll develop a song using your voice and imagination alone. Learn what's being said when you allow your inner voice to be heard through the medium of music.
How does the project further the goals of Grow.Inspire.Feed.Teach?
We're all continually learning and growing. This will be an opportunity to grow as individuals, exploring our inner voice as it relates to ourselves and the world around us. We can find inspiration through knowing that our inner voice is always speaking, and giving it a healthy and beautiful outlet in music. We feed ourselves and those around us with the beauty that we ourselves created. With openness to the voice within we allow that voice to teach, instruct and inform us. Through actively engaging in the process of listening and exploring we can be amazed at what is revealed. The answers to the questions of life are within us.