Mini Grant Submissions

Note: As folks begin to submit their proposals, their submissions will show up below!

Name of Project
"Harvesting Local Food" education series (4 to 6 sessions)
Describe the project:
Chris Searles and Leashya Fitzpatrick-Munyon will hire up to five guest educators from Austin’s wildlife, gardening and permaculture communities to deliver 60 to 90-minute workshops at The GIFT. Chris or Leashya will serve as "coordinator / promoter / producer / clean up" for each workshop they book. Our focus is on planting, harvesting and picking various native foods growing in our garden, appropriately, at various times of the year. Our goals are five-fold: 1) become expert in year-round food management for The GIFT Garden, 2) offer this series to the neighborhood and other like-mindeds in Austin as a community-building event, 3) record the sessions as videos or podcasts for GIFT / ECR content sharing, 4) develop competency in GIFT Garden and ECR site communications, re: when to pick various foods, for the visitors, ultimately encouraging eco-literacy, onsite-camaraderie, and fresh, locally-grown, food enjoyment, and 5) stimulate new, potential partnerships for The GIFT and ECR. "Project Budget" $200 per workshop. With four to six workshops, we are requesting $800 to $1,200 total funding support for this series, July-Oct. 2022. Budget per workshop $100 guest educator $75 coordinator/promoter (Chris or Leashya, aprox. $10 an hour, including time spent producing and cleaning up at event) $25 promotional advertising, materials, etc $200
How does the project further the goals of Grow.Inspire.Feed.Teach?
> Improve our Garden team and food quality > Improve our communication with garden visitors, re: when to pick, in engaging ways > Extend a hand to the neighborhood, congregation, and other like-mindeds to help promote The GIFT and the ECR as a friendly destination for community and nature-engagement. > Help generate some visibility for The GIFT in ways that help establish our site as an exciting or intriguing place to be and learn from.