Mini Grant Submissions

Note: As folks begin to submit their proposals, their submissions will show up below!

Name of Project
GIFT Native Park Campus Plan, phase 1: Design It
Describe the project:
Leashya Fitzpatrick-Munyon will create a permaculture-based site map and plan for restoring native biodiversity and ecological integrity to the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection’s campus. Plan will include attention to drought tolerance, lush public gathering areas, food growth and garden expansion, enhanced pollinator habitat, coordination with the kitchen on site, and more.
How does the project further the goals of Grow.Inspire.Feed.Teach?
Our goals include: > Restore and strengthen native species on site in ways that are bio-regionally regenerative and long-term, climate-resilient. > Help cool the city, grow food, and improve The GIFT’s appeal as an outdoor gathering place for a multitude of church and GIFT purposes. > Bring the congregation, neighborhood, people in need, and GIFT event participants into shared space by offering safe and close contact with robust, Nature-relationships in the heart of the North Austin. > Create space for sacred engagement with other forms of life, for church members, children, and scouts on site. > Create engaging signage and education to help people know when and what to pick and how to help the life on site flourish. > Utilize Permaculture design to facilitate ecosystem self-maintenance over the long-term (5 to 25 years), thereby reducing water, building-cooling, and other costs for the ECR complex in the years ahead.